What do we do?

Years of experience and implementation of innovative technologies as well as thousands of completed projects allow us to offer our clients the full comprehensiveness of performance. Baumat offers the performance of single and multi-family buildings - from development of building designs, detailed projects, technical support to performance, delivery and assembly
of prefabricated elements or ready modules. We perform housing estates, facilities of public utility as well as houses in the territory of Poland and European countries

Design Support

We offer comprehensive execution of building and workshop projects. We coordinate design works using BIM, Apricon and Byggnet systems


We specialise in construction technology using multidimensional prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. Industrialization of all stages of building execution results in shortening construction time and reducing finishing work on the site.


We organise deliveries of our elements in Europe by road and air.


The assembly of our elements regardless weather conditions. It is performed directly from the car which significantly reduces construction site, time and the number of subcontractors

Production creativity

We do not limit the freedom of design of our architects as our system is characterised by functional and architectural openness.

Our solutions result in reduced number of subcontractors and suppliers!