This massive walls made of structural concrete are used mainly for internal walls and not insulated exterior walls.

Massive walls are used in the performance of external and internal walls in residential and industrial construction.

This type of wall is part of a prefabricated element, entirely made in prefabrication plant, which after delivery on the construction site and installation is ready to use. The geometry of the panels and reinforcement are determined by the project made in our design office, individually for each object.

The massive walls are the perfect solution for wall construction using prefabricated panels. You can make all kinds of holes in the walls forseen in the project for example for windows and doors.



  • No need for shuttering and formwork and bricklaying.
  • Simple and fast installation,
  • Smooth inner surface of the slabs,
  • The outer surface according to architect's arrangements,
  • Possibility of precast execution with necessary cut-outs and holes and placing all kinds of accessories provided in the documentation as well as thermal insulation.
  • High quality,
  • Reduce the cost of construction,
  • Shorten the investment cycle.
  • Employment reduction.
  • Better organization of construction site


Massive walls - this is the perfect design solution. It corresponds to the requirements of housing and industrial construction without limited creative freedom of architects.

They are well suited to the construction of internal and external walls. Everywhere where we care about time and eliminating traditional works (bricklaying, plastering, etc.) while significantly improving the quality of the surface, use solid walls is expedient and economically justified.