Platforms elements produced by us are prefabricates of high quality that are suitable for use immediately after the assembly.

The top slab is made of white precast concrete of non-slip surface which ensures safety (upper part of the precast can have any non-slip surface and colour). This design allows to give up painting or the other designation of a safety belt located directly on the tracks.

Precast shape allows to put any kind of platform installations under the platform board that are not visible. Moreover, it is a safety zone in case of human intrusion on the tracks.

Below are the technical parameters of the standard item:

  • mass element - 2,12t;
  • length = 2,0m;
  • height = 1,4m;
  • width = 0,91m;
  • concrete class C35 / 45 (any color dyed)
  • AIIIN steel.

Possible modifications of the elemen's length and the execution of all kinds of closure.