Prefabricated retaining walls are vertical structural elements carrying the pressure of the secured buildings or structures on the ground. Retaining walls help to reduce costs and save time on the construction of ramps,tunnels, passages, technical channels, entrances to garages or stabilize slopes and earth faults. They are widely used in road construction and increasingly as landscaping elements to create gardens.

Product description

Prefabricated retaining walls are an ideal elements for:

  • landscaping,,
  • road construction,
  • to build ramps and walkways,
  • stabilization of slopes and earth faults,
  • garage entrances and technological channels,
  • entanglements storage,
  • ramps and railway platforms.
  • We produce both typical elements and on the individual request.

Typical retaining walls

Baumat Sp. z o.o offers a typical retaining walls L-shaped for installation height of 55 cm to 285 cm and length of 49 and 99 cm and a wall-type element of platform measuring 91 cm x 200 cm.

We make typical retaining walls from smooth outer side of the mold and the inner of mash.

  • We can offer the walls in architectural concrete quality on both sides on individual request.
  • Walls types of platform component having an external site of the mat.
  • Normally we use the concrete class C 30/37. On special request, we can apply the another class of concrete.

We offer customized solutions for specific projects and other types of loads. We have our own design department to develop special solutions. We can design the retaining walls of any size, loads, textures and colors.


On many construction sites there is a need for corner pieces. We offer both corners external and internal. The corners of the included angle other than 90 we design for individual order.


The standard retaining walls are produced in heterogeneous gray  colour. You can colour concrete mass in white or anthracite.


Retaining walls are delivered on pallets or in the installation position without pallets. Walls delivered on pallets can be unloaded with a forklift or crane. Transport and assembly takes place by means of hooks. Walls stored on pallets are bundled. Items that color or texture are the subject of the project are protected against soiling by stretch. Walls must be set up according to instructions.


Required quality of our products is subject to continuous monitoring - both external and internal. We have a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2009 and the Company's Quality Control System certified by Kontrollradet.


  • static load strength, durability and resistance to environmental conditions,
  • a wide variety of sizes, colours and texture surfaces of typical components,
  • possibitilty of design and production the elements tailored to customer needs,
  • guaranteed aesthetic appearance and surface smoothness,
  • easy and quick installation.