Since 2014 we have participated in the design and manufacture of prefabricated elements for prestigious construction of Malmö Live in Sweden

Buildings with total surface of 56 thousand square metres were raised in the city centre. The project included: a hotel –12 thousand square metres, a concert hall –17 thousand square metres
and apartment buildings - 15 thousand square metres.

M.L-wieza-polnocnaBaumat company completed the project of two towers included in the complex, the north tower - Tenoren and south tower - Sopranen. The works were completed in July 2015.

The complex of Malmö Live buildings created a connection between
an ecological district and the old municipal area - Gamia Väster. Buildings and all prefabricated elements were designed by Baumat in 3D system.
The investor required that a three-dimensional model was designed with
the use of BIM-Building Information Modeling system as it was necessary that the projects were consistent and coordinated with all industries.

BIM software enables assignment of physical and material features to each structural element.

M.L-wieza-poludniowaIn addition, Apricon, a system for documentation management was used
in the project. The system allowed for cooperation at a distance between two countries and several design teams. The application was a central project data base, including drawings, sketches, minutes and was an archive of the whole design process.

Baumat ensures full comprehensiveness of works - we have developed building designs, conducted the delivery and assembly of prefabricated elements.

Malmö Live was localised in the city centre and the building works above
the railway tunnel reduced the construction site to minimum.
The investment could not negatively influence the traffic in this part of the city so the assemble was performed directly from the cars.

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