Lokalizacja: Toruń, Polska

We participated in the design and manufacture of prefabricated elements Pikado for the Cultural and Conference Centre “Jordanki” in Toruń.

In March 2015 the design from the design workshop of Fernando Menis won the first prize in the category “Design for the future” during
the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona.

In the design developed in Torun the concrete surrounds the beautiful brick and volcano rock brought directly from the Canary Islands.

Pikado elements

The whole surface was divided into elements in different shapes. Baumat developed the workshop drawings of Pikado elements
as well as manufacturing technologies. Upon element installation, the prefabricated unit joints were embedded in concrete and the topping concrete was removed to the depth of ca. 2 cm in order to reveal the brick up to the sample surface.

Baumat made the total of about 4120 m2 of cladding.

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