technologia_zespółBaumat Co. Ltd. has been operating on Polish building market since 1990. The basic subject of the company’s business is to design and produce concrete products for the needs of all kinds of constructions.
We have been involved in many different projects on Polish market, such as: National Stadium (J.S.K. Architekci Sp. z o.o.),Cosmopolitan (Helmut Jahn), Wolf Office Building (Kuryłowicz & Associates) in Warsaw, Cultural & Congress Center Jordanki in Torun (Fernando Menis) and since 1999 on foreign markets. We have been supplying precast elements and building services on residential, office and public buildings in Halmstad, Lomma, Göteborg. One of our biggest projects was the erection of housebuilding complex - Malmö Live (Tegnestuen Vandkunsten & Johan Celsing) - Sopranen and Tenoren apartment buildings.



gal.systemBau01With over twenty years of experience, the Baumat company builds structures using the technology of employing prefabricated large-size reinforced concrete elements. The main characteristics of this kind of building system is the industrialization of all the stages of structure building, which results in reduction in costs and construction time.

The BAUMAT building system has been designed as an open system. The basis for prefabrication are the wall elements consisting of one, two or three layers and prefabricated ceilings, stairs, landings, smoke chimneys and ventilation chimneys, posts or post-feet and beams, which are indispensable due to individual functional and architectural requirements.

gal.systemBau02The advantage of this system is its functional and architectural openness which should be understood as the freedom of shaping the architectural function, shape and form of a given building depending on the functional requirements that it has to meet, conditions of its location and relationships with adjacent development.

choosing the appropriate construction system: transverse, longitudinal or mixed, with supports situated in a manner related to the requirements resulting from the building function and form,
  • choosing the size of elements depending on transport and assembly conditions,
  • creating rooms with various sizes and arrangements, execution of buildings with various heights, horizontal outline and architectural form,
  • construction of residential settlements with varied types of development, execution of non-standard elements according to individual needs of architects and investors.

The system does not include elements with fixed dimensions and the limitations to their sizes result from the manufacturing and transport technology and load-bearing capacity.


Shorter construction time

by industrializing all stages of realization of facilities.

Number of additional and finishing works limited

The majority of works, such as, e.g. electrical installations, chases for plumbing, a central heating system, gas fittings, thermal insulation of walls made in manufacturing plant which additionally reduces the amount of works to be done on the building site.

Better organisation of construction site 

Production and assembly of prefabricated elements not dependent on weather conditions; reduction of building materials stockpiles; assembly directly from the car, reduced amount of employment.


Low use and maintenance cost 

(buildings resistant to climatic conditions, biological and chemical corrosion).

Freedom of shaping

Unlimited possibilities of shaping an architectural form and block of building depending on given functional requirements, local conditions and connections with neighbouring buildings.

Shorter period of financing

Interest reduction


We offer innovative technology of construction in a modular system (Cube Technology). This innovative technology allows to equip the module with
all necessary equipment,
walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, finished bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and other elements
- according to the project. Cube Technology is revolutionizing the market by speeding up the construction cycle and the complexity of the service.
Such advanced technology gives us not only an ideal solution in terms of functionality and time, it also leaves plenty of space for individual creativity.


Cube Technology offers standardized modules with dimensions to 3.2 m wide and up to 8 m length. Usable height is 2.5 m or 2.7 m. The cubes consist of walls, a bottom slab, a ceiling. This technology can be used to built 4-storey- buildings.

There is a possibility to construct other modules tailored
to the specific project. In such cases parameters are specified by the technical design made by our design office and also by the possibility of transportation.

We design and manufacture modules in a flexible system without limitation of architects' creativity - modules are made in the factory according to the drawings and specification supplied by investors. This technology allows to personalize the investor's needs. The external façade can be made with the usage of traditional solutions or be prepared for assembly of any cladding (brick, wood, glass).