We are pleased to certify that the Baumat Sp. z o.o. company provided us with services within the scope of designing, manufacturing and delivering elements of a breakwater in the form of retaining walls to the construction site in the Gdynia port, carried out within the framework of the contract entitled “Przebudowa falochronu głównego w Gdyni wraz z modernizacją systemu nawigacyjnego” (“Reconstruction of the main breakwater in Gdynia together with modernization of the navigation system”).

The amount of such elements in 2007 was ca. 428 pcs. We have found that the BAUMAT company ensured high quality of their products, which was satisfactory to us, and timeliness of deliveries thereof. In our opinion, it is an enterprise that is worth recommending for any kind of construction undertakings.

Jerzy Melaniuk, Alexander Bogacki , http://www.wayss-freytag.pl/