By means of this letter we would like to recommend Baumat Sp.z o.o. from Toruń, Poland as an extraordinarily friendly, reliable, honest and professional construction company that built our home from the design stage to the shell unit stage.

We really wanted for this house to be built quickly so we focused on finding a company that would undertake to participate in the project from the very beginning until the construction completion and that would carry out its works as quickly as possible (we wanted the works to be completed within a period not longer than a month). We chose Baumat Sp. z o.o. seated in Toruń and from the very beginning the collaboration was proceeding exemplarily — the adjustment of the “Kasia” design to the requirements of the local development plan was carried out rapidly and reliably, which resulted in the construction permit being obtained quickly. It is also worth mentioning the perfect collaboration of designers from Baumat Sp. z o.o. with another company, which was building the foundation slab. The execution of the construction process itself at the construction site was almost instant — the external and internal walls and chimneys were standing already after several hours. Their processing took two days, roofing took a week and external carpentry works took another two days. Thus, after less than two weeks of works we received keys to the house and could start finishing works inside it.

Seven months, including winter months, have passed since we moved into our country house . Here what is worth mentioning that the advantages of a house built using this technology when it comes to warmth retention are simply excellent. We would like this letter to help other potential clients make a decision to establish collaboration with the Baumat Sp. z o.o. company because it is definitely worth it.

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Katarzyna i Paweł Dominiczakowie, Individual Investor